Pneumatic Suspensions

Pneumatic Suspensions

To raise the rear of the vehicle. Pneumatic suspensions, a valid help for the vehicle carrying capacity to raise the rear of the vehicle.

For years we have been proposing to our customers the assembling of Pneumatic Suspensions to help the carrying capacity of the means. This product, in addition to the rear leaf wings, allows obtaining a few centimetres in height raising the vehicle without making it rigid.

Our experience allows us to identify the best product for every type of vehicle.

Moreover, we are specialised in installing pneumatic suspensions for AL-KO lowered frames, studying and creating tailor made the necessary fixturing for this application.

Complete inflating Kits with compressor, electrovalves, and air collection tanks are available. These Kits are applicable on all the suspensions we propose.

Pneumatic Suspensions available:





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