Our Story

It was 1981 when our story began, a challenge dictated by the passion for our father’s camper.

Starting an activity almost exclusively aimed at the camper sector at that time seemed utopian. The experience in manufacturing shock absorbers was consolidated after many years of work in one of the largest companies of the sector, and in January 1981, the decision to start this personal career path, which led to the establishment of “O.M.A. Officina Meccanica Ammortizzatori”.
Several years were necessary to refine the larger shock absorber for motorhomes that is still the main product of our company. As in all things, the first step to make a product known is the direct contact with customers. Thus
, we started the first presentations at Italian camper car rallies, the first participations in sector Fairs, and the first tests on specialised magazines. All this contributed to opening a direct channel with many camper owners that have always noticed drivability problems of their vehicles.

1994 is the year of the first widening of the company, as many artisanal activities the work is handed down from generation to generation, trying to keep the care of the manufacturing processes unaltered, therefore, aiming at growth and technological and commercial development. O.M.A. has become a specialised centre for camper suspensions, it carries out installations and any kind pneumatic suspension tests, leaf springs reinforcing leaves, helicoidal springs, and stabilizing bars, offering the customers greater intervention opportunities.

In 2002 the new headquarters of Comeana (PO)were inaugurated, 600 sqm covered and 500 sqm of external courtyards and storage. The workshop is equipped with new state-of-the-art machinery, able to increase production volume in constant growth and guarantee the highest manufacturing quality of the products. The warehouse has become the strength, it is always stocked to allow camper owners rapid interventions without extending waiting times. The continuous search of product quality and reliability leads to investments aimed at the development of innovative suspension systems.

The collaboration with the French company JSA Engineering for the development of the Kit Bleu 2 and larger stabilizing bars started in 2004. In 2007, this collaboration, with the help of electronics, allowed us to devise the HPS system, a very new suspension conceived for ambulances and rescue vehicles. This application is developed and adapted also for campers with low chassis, offering a state-of-the-art product in the suspension sector.

From 1981 to date many things have changed, but not reliability and the attention with which we have always manufactured our products. We have been working with passion and seriousness for thirty years. Today, we still believe it is possible to propose an artisanal product that aims at quality and reliability, this is what we offer in our specialised centre, a reference in the camping car sector, a point of arrival and starting for many camper owners that find, in the science of safety, the art of driving.